Alain Kleinmann – Retrospective at Galerie Saphir

Memories are the only guide into the labyrinth of our thoughts.

In occasion of its 35th anniversary, the Galerie Saphir celebrates the opening of its new basement space with a retrospective on Alain Kleinmann, the very first artist that the gallery has ever exhibited. Alain Kleinmann is a true master in capturing the time flow within beautiful painting and installations. His unique approach to art is both sensorial and conceptual, expressed through complex pieces that feature high historical content and extremely rich textures. By mixing different techniques such as drawing, collage, writing and engraving, Kleinmann is able to subtly evoke tactile emotions and memories from the past. His paintings are like sculptures and his sculptures have a certain pictorial feel, obtained through special treatments and polishing processes. The metamorphosis of the years, memories that fade away, life experiences forgotten and somehow re-discovered, traditions and cults shape the art of Kleinmann and his symbolism, which touch the visitors deeply in their souls.



  • Alain Kleinmann – Retrospective at Galerie Saphir

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    Cecilia Musmeci


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