Anders Holen “Agent” at Giorgio Galotti

Images from the undercurrent.

For his last show at Giorgio Galotti Gallery, Norwegian artist Anders Holen uses a cluster of symbolic imagery to explore the concepts of uniqueness, similarity and reproduction. Visitors enter the gallery space with the strange feeling that they are entering the absolute void, filled with a magnetic energy that echoes in the room. This magnetism binds together Holen‘s individual sculptures in a relayed sort of relation: like tectonic plates, when one of the sculptures moves, the others move along and arrange accordingly. The sculpted surfaces seem to push the visitor’s vision in multiple directions but always guide it back to a point of return. Each sculpture has different sides and angles but together they gather into a unity that is influenced by a larger composition than what is immediately apparent. The visitors get tangled into it, and beign to understand the true meaning of belonging. Appealing to a shared cultural background, Anders Holen has chosen as main subjects of his works familiar children characters such as Mr. Potato Head from the movie Toy Story or Disney‘s princess Jasmine among others, with the aim to relate to relate to a global heritage from north to south, east to west. Like an ensemble of organs, they embody a  living organism that is present at every movement, and invites visitors to interact with its abstract sense.

  • Anders Holen “Agent” at Giorgio Galotti

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    Beata Duvaker



    Sebastiano Pellion di Persano


    13th of October – 22nd of December

    Giorgio Galotti Gallery

    Via Beinasco 16, 10152 Torino

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    Giorgio Galotti