Art Basel Hong Kong 2016

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 kicked off its fourth few weeks ago, edition boasting more than 70,000 visitors. There was a lot of expectation and nervousness at the fair’s opening, as the Asian art market is quintessentially unpredictable. The fear of a potential recession and the harsh anti-corruption policy adopted by the governament slightly slowed down sales figures at Chinese auctions and transitions across the fair, yet still Art Basel Hong Kong was a blast.

The fair is being envisioned as a deeper and broader reflection of artistic production in Asia. Around half of the 239 participating galleries hail from the Asia-Pacific region, with 28 galleries coming to Hong Kong for the first time, including Asian dealers Antenna Space, galerie nichido, Gallery 100, Ink Studio, Longmen Art Projects, MEM, Vanguard Gallery, and Yeo Workshop. The amazing range of showcased art was a mix of works by established and emerging artist, and give visitors a real opportunity of learning and discovery about Asian art.

Some of Art Basel Hong Kong‘s strongest pieces featured in the Encounters section, curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor who selected 16 artists, including Brook Andrew and Lawrence Weiner among others, to create original commissions for the fair. Another standout was the Insights section, which presented more historical material and curated thematic presentations of less-known Asian artists.

Diving into the huge Ocean of art, Le Paradox selected a series of artworks that appeal to its visual ethos and conceptual taste.




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