Aurores at Galerie Pauline Pavec

Galerie Pauline Pavec‘s opening has the feeling of a first awakening.

The gallery introduces its first exhibition with the title Aurores, which consists in a collective show that meditates on the rise of daylight through works by established as well as emerging artists such as Claire Chesnier, Jean Degottex, Mara Fortunatovic, Sol Lewitt and Robert Malaval among others, in addition to an installation in situ by Quentin Derouet. The collection of pieces illustrates the gallery’s vision and aesthetic values and it gives visitors a hit of what the future beholds with a subtle and delicate prelude like the dawn of the sun. The works gracefully showcase what occurs when light and shadows collide, and how the encouter of these two strong forces of nature creates color shades that have subsequently been transposed onto blank surfaces. Embodiment of shadows and light, the exhibition sums up the process that goes from darkness to sunshine. Each presented piece evokes the pure conception of a new beginning and the confrontation between past and future.

  • Aurores at Galerie Pauline Pavec

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Galerie Pauline Pavec


    Feb 9 – March 10
    39, rue de Grenelle
    75007 Paris, France

    Special Thanks

    Pauline Pavec