Blum and Poe for Haans Nicholas Mott’s Private Label

Clothes are constantly moving through inhabited spaces, which somehow are alive in action only if someone perceives and imagines and remembers and feels and, thus, inhabits, them.

Meditating on the relationship between the object, the body and the garment, Haans Nicholas Mott created a special on-site installation at Blum and Poe gallery in Los Angeles. The project was developed through a series of exchanges between Mott, Jeff Poe and Rosalie Benitez and presented to a selected audiece last week in occasion of the private dinner hosted by the gallerists to celebrate Private Label, Haans Nicholas Mott‘s bespoke clothing line. The artpiece was set in the private viewing room off the garden at the gallery and featured custom made furniture in birch plywood with beautiful copper nails, surrounded by floating veils of hand dyed muslin in three weights, which has sequently been tailored into made to measure pieces for Private Label Los Angelenos clients. Squeezed into the squared cabinet and surrounded by other modular furniture, the colorful, loosly fitted, “sample pieces” create a dynamic contrast of tension and release. The exhibition unveiled Haans Nicholas Mott‘s architectural skills and his fine understanding of spatial organization, which is essential to make clothing that dialogues with the wearer’s body and its surroundings. The showcase marked the first presentation of Haans Nicholas Mott‘s work in a semi public context.



  • Blum and Poe for Haans Nicholas Mott’s Private Label

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    Blum and Poe


    Blum and Poe

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