Cleo Fariselli “Dy Yiayi” At Operativa Arte Contemporanea

Operativa Arte Contemporanea presents Dy Yiayi, the first solo show of Cleo Fariselli in Rome.

The title derives from a mysterious inscription on the doorbell of the studio where the works on showcase were made. The inscription seems to suggest an hypnotic, familiar yet remote, mantra that echoes from the space and time in which the art was created till the visitors’ very own time. Fariselli  transformed the gallery space into an ideal transposition of private rooms, as if the dividing walls had been taken down. The glass entry of the gallery has been veiled in a rose-tone filter, which draws into the room the shimmering light of a sunrise. The usage of raku, a Japanese technique for working ceramics, and of scagliola, an Italian technique for producing stucco that laid its roots in the 16th century, invite to experience the exhibition as a personal imaginary inner journey. Most of everything, the series of raku ceramics brings visitors to a mythical setting through their organic shapes inspired by natural concretions of shells and lava rocks. Few iconic furniture pieces displayed with the artworks create an ambiguous sense of off-putting domesticity. The combination between supernatural and natural elements exemplifies the greatness of the artist’s body of work.

  • Cleo Fariselli “Dy Yiayi” At Operativa Arte Contemporanea

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Sebastiano Luciano


    Operativa Arte Contemporanea
    9th of March – 30th of April 2018
    Via del Consolato 10

    Special Thanks

    Carlo Pratis