Comme des Garçons – White Drama

The dusky, long room hosting in Paris Rei Kawakubo’s White Drama S/S 12 collection contrasts with the white, ivory shades of the garments, softly lighten in sinister, smooth fluorescences, wholly enclosed into the sterile ambience of wide plastic cells.

Collected together, this view reminds to sacredness, and becomes a celebratory statement appealing to existing ambiguities, rooted contradictions in contemporary living; still drawing its source on the stale, murky water of maternal purity. Everything is embraced in this unmoving, embryological atmosphere, while femininity is the ancestral core, the life-beginning and enclosing essence. The sober, by-will inexpressive plateaus and elongations make garments stand still in the surrounding space in murmured dialogue, contributing to a sense of disconcerting enchantment, that the use of delicate details joint to Japanese linearity can only emphasize.

Here, the explored dimensions of birth, marriage and death have passed through a daring process of objective deconstruction and reunification under a new light, eclipsed from any traceable commonsense, penetrating still obscure, disregarded shades of being in open exertion to reach the unexpected: An enduring, painless circularity.

The Comme des Garçons White Drama exposition is currently part of the Musée Galliera, hors les murs program.

  • Comme des Garçons – White Drama

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori