Daniel Buren – Le Grand Losange, Travail en Situ at Galerie Aveline

Daniel Buren has the unique power of changing the way we look at places and architecture, turning familiar views and buildings into unpredictable works of art. After nomerous artistic interventions across Paris, such as the pergola in the bar of hôtel Bristol and the glass rooftop of Fondation Louis VuittonBuren has been invited by one of his oldest collectors, Jean- Marie Rossi and by Galleria Continua to take over Aveline, Rossi‘s antiques gallery in Place Beauvau. By playing with the optical effect of vertical straight black lines, the French artist created a kaleidoscopic losange that covers the whole façade of the building and its glass windows. The striped motif serves as the fil rouge for the exhibition inside the gallery, which showcases some of the earliest works of Daniel Buren, partially from Jean-Marie Rossi private collection who acquired them in the 60’s, when the artist was living and working in the Caribbean. Buren‘s artistic production radically changed when he realized that the striped cloth that he was using as a support for its striped paintings, was actually a sign, a “visual tool”, which allow the space to be revealed: the only constant element among hundreds of changing ones. The outstanding clash between 18th century opulence and the radically abstracted canvases juggles time and space, creating a dialogue between different styles and centuries that reconfirms the iconic value of a true work of art, no matter its nature.


  • Daniel Buren – Le Grand Losange, Travail en Situ at Galerie Aveline

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Vanni Bassetti


    Galerie Aveline
    Galleria Continua


    Oct 10th – Nov 20th
    94 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

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