“DESIGN WOMEN II: Masters, Mavericks, Mavens” by Egg Collective

For NYCxDesign Week 2018, the New York based studio Egg Collective presents DESIGN WOMEN II: Masters, Mavericks, Mavens. The collective design project, established and led by a team of all women, starts a conversation across time and space aimed to highlight women’s presence in the design field by featuring an international selection of both contemporary and iconic artists. Spreading over different countries and cultures, the exhibition presents Scandinavian minimal designs by GRETA MAGNUSSON GROSSMAN as well as the work of North American designer KATIE STOUT and of Marrocan designer NICOLA L. Co-curated with Lora Appelton, founder of kinderMODERN and The Female Design Council, each piece has been selected to arise awareness about incredible women that achieved success, blazed trails, and perfected their craft over time in a field mainly dominated by men. High-quality craftsmanship and a sharp attention to detail, surface and form make Egg Collective truly unique. The solid background and expertise in architecture, art and woodworking, gives extraordinary edge to the studio’s work, which standout for its sculptural combination of organic materials such as wood, leather, stone and metal crafted in simple yet sharp forms.

  • “DESIGN WOMEN II: Masters, Mavericks, Mavens” by Egg Collective

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Hannah Whitaker


    Egg Collective


    10th of May – 1st of June

    Design Women II: Masters, Mavericks, Mavens

    304 Hudson Street, Room 307

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    Nes Creative
    Anna Caradeuc