Focus on Galgliardi Art System

Art can be seen as a complex system in which a set of interacting components form an integrated whole, ultimately reflecting today’s zeitgeist.

Turin-based gallery Gagliardi Art System approaches the art field from a multiple perspective, embracing each aspect of the creative production. Rejecting the role of contemporary art galleries as mere exhibiting and retail space, Gagliardi Art System aims to recreate a vibrant and open exchange of ideas between artists, dealers and curators. With the same spirit of a Medieval Italian workshop operating in modern times, Gagliardi Art System focuses on the research of new talents, while developing innovative communication strategies. Since 2003, the gallery has been promoting up-and-coming Italian and international artists such as Santissimi. In the name of Antonello Serra and Sara Renzetti, Santissimi is an art project that tries to translate into visual terms, the scientific and philosophical thought. Santissimi sculptures and installations have an immediate tactile and visual appeal that hides the complex know-how behind their making process. The theoretical knowledge is put on stage in the work of art, which eventually overcomes the borders of rational thinking to connect the spectators with the uncanny dimension of mystery that is always present in every day life.

  • Focus on Galgliardi Art System

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