Galerie Paris Beijing – Korean Shape

Withouth space and time boundaries, art links together different worlds and cultures.

This Fall the Galerie Paris-Beijing hosted the exhibition Korean Shape, introducing some of the most interesting contemporary artists of the blooming Korean art scene to the international public. Featuring the works of eight different authors, the exhibition mainly focused on avant-garde forms of sculpture and new ways of conceiving the space. The art pieces combined traditional primal materials such as wood, metal and charcoal with innovative artistic techniques and conceptual experimentation. Organic suggestions reminiscent of nature and daily objects were developed through a pioneering research that expressed the very own ethos of an evolving society attached to its cultural roots yet open to change. Among all, the works of Myeongbeom Kim stood out for their unexpected juxtaposition of natural elements and industrial references. Korean Shape brought its visitors into a surreal dimension where past and future harmoniously clash together and produce an abstract visual poetry.

  • Galerie Paris Beijing – Korean Shape

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Galerie Paris Beijing


    Nov 14 – Jan 26
    62 rue de Turbigo