Galerie Paris Beijing – Liu Bolin

Art is an uncommitted crime.

Since 2005, the Chinese artist Liu Bolin is creating conceptual art that stimulates a critical stance to the world. Internationally known as the “Invisible Man“, Bolin achieved his title by using his own body as a canvas, painting himself into the background, to produce scenes that are statements about our social life, with a particular focus on Chinese artists and their status in modern China. Featuring a curated range of images, sculptures and installations created during the last two years. Bolin’s solo exhibition at Paris Beijing Gallery offers an exclusive insight into the controversial nature of his work. With pieces that make a striking reflection on the industrial impact on health and environment such as Meat Factory and Cancer Village, the showcase powerfully represents Bolin’s commitment to a sense of common responsibility. The artists ideal of freedom of thought and expression are embodied in the photo performance Hiding in the City – Wall, made in collaboration with the French artist Rero, as well as in his newer iron sculpture Fist, which suggest the end of an era by turning to the ground the political symbol, all engraved with Beijing propaganda slogan: «Patriotism, Innovation, Integration and Virtue».

Art challenges the status quo by its very nature and by this extent all meaningful art is political.

  • Galerie Paris Beijing – Liu Bolin

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci