Hala Kaiksow for Victoria & Albert Museum Jameel Prize Dinner

The Bahrain-based designer exhibits her creations at V&A Museum of London as part a of the 5th edition of the
Jameel Art Prize Exhibition.

Hala Kaiksow has been shortlisted among the finalists for Jameel Prize 5, the international prize for contemporary artists and designers inspired by Islamic tradition held by the Jameel Art Foundation. Kaiksow is the first fashion designer who ever made the cut and had the chance to compete with renowned contemporary artists, architects and designers from Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Bangladesh. To celebrate Hala’s achievment we hosted a private dinner in London prepared by the chefs at Snack Bar.

Hala’s diverse sources of inspiration, ranging from nomadic antique Berbers clothing to Tuareg tribes costumes and traditional Barhani uniforms reflect the richness of Islamic tradition as a source for contemporary creativity. Her ability of reworking those iconic designs into modern and wearable outfits shows how the Islamic past can be relevant to our own times. The pieces selected by Jameel Prize’s jury, chaired by V&A Director Tristam Haunt, were the Kimono Vest
and Thoub Nashal Jumpsuit from Kaiksow’s first collection ever “Wandress”, which also granted her the International Fashion Showcase 2016 Fashion Utopias Award organized by the British Council. For the Kimono Vest, Kaiksow adopted the simplicity of a kimono, adding the cartridge pleating from a Cypriot shepherd’s water bag. The jumpsuit was derived from
the thabe al-nashal, a traditional Bahraini and Saudi garment historically worn by women. The innovative take on her own Middle Eastern roots and a fresh approach to Islamic history of fashion, make Hala Kaiksow an example of what modernity truly means, and enriches the general understanding of a truly globalised art world beyond its current confines. Hala Kaiksow’s pieces will be on show at Victoria and Albert Museum, London, from June 28th through November 25th, 2018.

  • Hala Kaiksow for Victoria & Albert Museum Jameel Prize Dinner

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



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