Hermès Wanderland at Saatchi Gallery

On these screens roles are cast for nomadic dreamers. Here they are, the artist and writer, the horseman and traveller, the gambling dandy and magician!

The flâneur wanders around the city lighter than the air with his head in the clouds, falling in love with the beauty that surrounds him. This voyeuristic dandy blends impeccable elegance and playful quirkiness, perfectly embodying the spirit of Maison Hermès. Quintessentially Parisian with an touch of British eccentricity, Hermès Wanderland at Saatchi Gallery celebrated the freedom of day-dreamers and the joy of the unexpected, paying homage to the concept of flânerie, long investigated by artists, philosophers and writers from Balzac to Baudelaire, to Walter Benjamin and Roland Barthes. By showcasing a part of the collection of whimsical pieces brought together by family enterpreneur Emile Hermès, the exhibition aimed to highlight the heritage of craftsmanship of the famous French Maison, as well as its unconventional taste. Through a series of interactive installations and an inventive set design, Hermès Wanderland plunged the visitors into an extended cabinet of curiosities filled with small treasures. In line with its unique ethos, Maison Hermès overcame the realm of rational thoughts to recreate an exquisetely surreal tale.

  • Hermès Wanderland at Saatchi Gallery

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci