Highlights from Artissima: Operativa Arte Contemporanea

In a permanently saturated art world calendar, Artissima in Turin standouts for its eclectic and experimental approach, establishing itself as a treasure trove of artistic discoveries. Among the rising galleries that took part to the 22nd edition of the fair, Operativa Arte Contemporanea debuted at Artissima 2015 with a solo exhibition by emerging Italian artist Matteo Nasini. Titled Paessaggio Acre, the showcase aimed to represent natural environments through a synthetic language made of pure shapes and colors. Elements such as the earth and the sky were translated into objects and sculptures that embodied bites of reality, reduced to its bare and bones. The works on display suggested to the viewer pictures of the sky, the sea, and the sun,  minimalistic landscapes inhabited by objects made of wool and ceramic that mirrored a sort of surrealistic garden filled with vegetables and curious animals. In addition, Nasini presented sound sculptures part of his ongoing musical project “aeolian sound”, which consists in recording the vibrations that are produced when the wind blows into a system of strings, applied to a sound box. This process aims to turn the aery nature of sound into something concrete and ethereal at the same time. 

Founded in 2013, the Rome-based Operativa Arte Contemporanea focuses on the work of young artists, both local and international, under the curatorial and artistic direction of Carlo Pratis. The gallery is renowned for its unconventional installations and exclusive selection of limited edition prints. 

  • Highlights from Artissima: Operativa Arte Contemporanea

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci


    Special Thanks

    Carlo Pratis