Highlights from Fog Design + Art: Ashley Hicks at R & Company

In the context of Fog Design + Art New YorkR and Company has showcased latest sculptures by the renowned British artist, designer and author Ashley Hicks.

Hicks‘s surrealistic totems stood out against FOG‘s selection of twentieth-century and contemporary design catching the visitors’s eye with their vibrant textures and colors, each majestic with a unique gold crown. The designer has grown up with a great legacy as he started off his career working with his father, the renowned designer David Hicks, and then developed his own artistic practice that involves architecture, interior design, and furniture design among others.

The pieces on show at R & Company consist in an exclusive series of tabletop sculptures, each entirely unique and finely executed, made in painted polymer clay, metal and painted wood. They rise to between 40 cm and 65 cm tall, aiming to stand by themselves or as an assortment. They perfectly embody Hicks‘s eclectic and daring eaesthetics in their releasing usage of color and shape yet preserving an organic feeling. In every line and curve, there is an element of complexity that is sleek and sophisticated, as well as dynamic and unexcpected at once.

  • Highlights from Fog Design + Art: Ashley Hicks at R & Company

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