Hilights from Art Basel – Hans Op De Beeck “The Collector’s House”

Everything lies under a magic spell, forever frozen in time.

For the Unlimited section of Art Basel 2016 the Belgian artist Hans Op De Beeck presents an immersive installation exploring the idea of mortality and eternity. Viewers enter a black-and-white neoclassical reproduction of a private room fully sculpted and handcrafted in soft grey plaster. Like in the city of Pompeii, objects and figures are uncannigly petrified while they were busy in ordinary leisure activities such as reading a book or playing. The Wunderkammer-like monochromatic lounge features a piano, an art library, African masks, paintings, sculptures and museum drawing room evoking the house of an art collector. The awe-inspiring fictional space amazes visitors for its mysterious quietness, as every action is somehow suspended, and nobody is aware of what happened before and what may happen next. De Beeck enhances the enigmatic feeling by including numerous art historical, cinematic and literaly references that create an intellectually dense situation. With its compelling and extraordinary mood, Hans Op De Beeck stimulates the senses and offers visitors a maximized artistic experience.



  • Hilights from Art Basel – Hans Op De Beeck “The Collector’s House”

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