Holiday – The Korean Issue

Holiday magazine captures the essence of cities and countries and translates it into visual and written poetry. Born in the United States in the 50’s, the publication was extremely popular till the 80’s, making post World War II generations dreaming about exotic destinations once percieved as dangerous conflict zones, and generally educating people to the art of travelling. After a thirty-seven year hiatus, Holiday has been relauched in 2014 by Parisian art director Franck Durand. Today’s bi-annual edition remains faithful to the sense of journalistic adventure of its forebear, but includes selected fashion content. In the same spirit of the first issues, Holiday aims to grasp the cultural identity of a place through the direct experiences of writers and photographers without constraints of style, length or budget. After having explored Argentina, for its latest edition Holiday focused on South Korea, featuring personalities such as Isabelle Huppert, Nigel Shafran, Jamie Hawkesworth, Annemarieke Van Drimmelen and Hyungsik Kim, Korean film maker Park Chan-Wookand the poet Lee San-Ha. The issue it’s an intriguing mix of urban spleen, rural wilderness, religion, perfectly picturing the clash between modernity and heritage that defines the country.

  • Holiday – The Korean Issue

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