In conversation with Diego Cabezas

With an honest approach to elegant minimalism and a natural inclination for the Arts, the Spanish up and coming sculptor Diego Cabezas creates hand forged metal pieces that reveal surrealistic aspects of the natural world. Part of his working process consists in sketching on paper abstract portraits of the human’s body, before entering into the hypnotic loop of crafting. Cabezas‘s style is deeply intriguing with its sleek lines, movements,  and the strong sense of character. There is a subtle contrsast of light and shadow embedded into his work that conveys a certains sense of freedom and tactile intimacy, which connect the artist to his surroundings. Based in Barcelona, renowned cultural hub, Diego Cabezas is making a name for himself through the choice of using eclectic of material as well as the undying thrive to explore and evolve.

The shape and forms of your sculptures are abstract yet recognizable. What are the feelings  you aim to evoke through your art?
I don´t want to evoke anything in particular, just allow myself to play with the infinite possibilities that sculpture provides me. For me art is something to be experienced, not to be explained. Open yourself to the mystery and enjoy it.

Your previous works heavily focuses on the contours of the body, and then evolves towards the lines and details of the face. Each face carries a strong expression and character. Where do you draw inspiration from?
It is a matter of how I feel in that moment. With a little variation on a single line the expression of a face can change completely, that amazes me a lot. Also the contradiction, thinking that we are all so similar but at the same time so different.

Your choice of material is somewhat daring, what made you chose to work with metal and other mediums?
I always loved the feeling of drawing with pilot pen, and one day I decided to translate it into sculpture drawing in the air. It took me some time to learn how to work with iron, but I got there.

What is the next unknown territory that you’d like to explore as an artist?
I´m currently experimenting with ceramics and I hope to do more wood works. I would love also to do a really big sculpture. You never know, maybe one day ….

What part of your heritage has the biggest influence on your work?
I´m influenced by a lot of different kind of cultures, Western but also American and African. I love the translation of life into art.

The lines and shapes of your sculptures first take form on paper. What’s your approach to painting and drawings?
My only objective is to have fun, feel free to explore and make mistakes. No matter the medium.

Where can we see your work in the near future?
I am planning exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia and I always share my most recent work in my Instagram account, @diegocabezas00

  • In conversation with Diego Cabezas

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