In conversation with Kalliopi Lemos

The Greek born, London-based sculptor, painter and installation artist Kalliopi Lemos is known for her site specific pieces that deeply engange viewers on a personal and conceptual level. The artist’s concerns with humanitarian rights as well as day-to-day struggles are recurring themes in her entire body of work. In occasion of the opening of her solo show In Balance at Gazzelli Art House, we sat down with Kalliopi Lemos to find out more about the exhibition and her very own artistic approach. 

How did the exhibition “In Balance“ come about?
The exhibition In Balance is a compilation of different works, made both in the past and recently, concerning the subject of our struggle for inner balance and the quest for a broader balance in the world.
Your works deal with global and historical issues such as humanitarian rights, freedom, racism… Would you define your art as political?
My work over the years has been constantly concerned with the upholding of human dignity; whether it is the dignity of the migrant, or the woman who is abused, my focus is on our basic human rights and how they are often compromised.
My viewpoint is more humanistic than political. With my work I endeavour to raise awareness and create a connection between the viewer and the subject matter through energising imagination, compassion and feeling.
Pain and sufferance are central themes in “In Balance“. Are those requirements to achieve peace and self-fulfilment?
Pain is part of the work as it is part of life. Acknowledging pain and dealing with it we can achieve balance.
The works on show at Gazzelli Art House tackle the idea of balance both physically and conceptually. What kind of reaction do you expect from the public?
I am hoping to inspire the audience to meditate on the question of balance in our lives and whether we have any or not. Ponder on what kind of factors push us one way or another and what kicks us off balance! And also consider what we are prepared to let go from our life in order to retain something else and whether this particular compromise is enhancing our inner balance on not.
“In Balance“ features a wide range of new and old pieces from videos to sculptures. Do you have a favourite artistic medium or does it change according to themes and sources of inspiration?
The show comprises of different pieces that were created mostly recently. I have experimented and researched the subject through different mediums, as I always do, attempting to find different ways of expressing another viewpoint of the subject. I am always on the look out for new ways and materials to achieve my goal. At the Gazelli Art House exhibition one can also see my first ever video, which I am excited about and happy as it received a prize as well.
What are your projects for the future?
Although I cannot get into details, I have many projects and plans for the future! Some are very short term during the next few months and others more long term. My goal is to be sincere and true to the work I produce.

  • In conversation with Kalliopi Lemos

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Kalliopi Lemos : In Balance – Installation shot
    Courtesy of Gazelli Art House, 2016
    Photography by Oskar Proctor


    11th March – 24th April 2016
    39, Dover Street
    W1S 4NN

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