Inka and Niclas “4K ULTRA HD” at Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

Dorothée Nilsson Gallery in Berlin hosts a solo show of the Swedish artist duo Inka and Niclas  that explores how we visually consume our landscapes through a (camera)-lens and screen. The title “4K ULTRA HD” refers to a term that is used in the display industry to illustrate that screens have a true-to-life picture quality. In this context the viewer experiences the natural phenomena that is taking place on the screen or in the image as if it was a real life-experience, and feels the same the sense of wonder and amazement experienced in reality. This particular quality of lens and photography pushes the duo in its quest for creating a different representation of nature. Inka and Niclas‘s practice revolves around the wish to consider what exactly it is in a sunset over an ocean or the view over a mountain range that is so emotionally spellbinding and throughout time has continued to fill spectators with a sensation of a humble admiration.

Why do we never rest to capture these moments of nature progressing with a daily continuing? These components that constitute the powerful psychological effects of different natural phenomena and landscapes on individuals are the essence of the exhibition, and stand for a specific kind of contemporary artistic expression that involves the ritual of approaching the complex mechanisms that give a sacred aura to natural subjects and idealization to panoramas.

Ultimately, there remains a dreamed aesthetics of nature that has abandoned the two-dimensionality of the photograph and rose above it towards the 4th dimension.

  • Inka and Niclas “4K ULTRA HD” at Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Dorothée Nilsson Gallery


    D-10785, BERLIN

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