Introducing Cornerstone by Sun Yun

Architecture and clothing both exist to meet the human need for space and security.

Interior designer and architect Sun Yun combines his technical knowledge with his artistic sensibility in a new clothing project. To anticipate the launch of his menswear brand, due to take place in April during Shanghai Fashion Week, he created a special installation that expresses the conceptual nature of the brand and its aesthetics. The theme of rebirth is poetically approached through three sculptural works which tell the Biblical story of Joseph and his robe of bright colors, given by his father Jacob after the death of Joseph’s mother and Jacob’s beloved wife Rachel. The first sculpture represents Joseph naked and insecure. The second artpiece consists in the silhouette of a coat coming out from a monumental wall of red fabcris, allegorically the robe that makes Joseph’s brothers jelous of him. The third one represents Joseph’s asleep, again naked because his envious brothers stole his precious flock, yet he seems serene and accomplished because he understood the meaning of things by detaching himself from material objects, he therefore experiences rebirth. The heritage of Chinese culture, craftsmanship and architecture, which define the vision of the brand are subtly expressed by the sculptures. To create meaningful and timeless garments is what pushed Sun Yun to approach fashion design, and this poetic showcase was the perfect teaser for great things to come.

  • Introducing Cornerstone by Sun Yun

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci
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