Introducing Daforma Gallery, Rome

Daforma Gallery breaths new life into the Eternal City.

A new space that aims to blur the boundaries between art, design and fashion just opened in heart of Rome’s historical center. Featuring a concept store, a flower shop and a cocktail bar that also offers delicious food, Daforma overcomes the classic notion of “gallery” as a mere showcasing venue and becomes a place where to hangout, make new discoveries and share experiences. Daforma‘s holistic approach to art gives curator Carlo Pratis the freedom to build bridges between different disciplines, celebrating creativity above everything. For the inaugural exhibition, Pratis introduced the gallery’s design heritage building up a narrative that connects the experimental furniture in vogue during the 50’s with the 80’s extravaganza, balanced with the minimalist paintings by Italian contemporary artist Vincenzo Schillaci. The show pays homage to the idea of “pure shape”, embodied in the furniture’s clean lines, which also influences Schillaci in his research for multiple possibilities to paint forms, often resulting in solid, monocromatic, works that eventually exceed the two-dimensional realm and break into reality with color splatters that cover the border of the frames. In addition the exhibition refers to the nature of Daforma, conceived as a dynamic hybrid that is constantly changing its skin, taking on different shapes. For the next months the attention will switch to flowers, with a show that pairs 25 iconic ceramics with 25 arrangements by Floral Lab meant to act as organic installations, and to fashion, presenting the jewelry of Joanne Burke, an American artisan and jewelry designer relocated in Rome who creates unique pieces with a sculptural and timeless appeal.

  • Introducing Daforma Gallery, Rome

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