Isamu Noguchi for Kris Van Assche at Laffanour Galerie Downtown

Francois Laffanour and Galerie Downtown have invited to show the works of a unique collaboration between the Japanese designer Isamu Noguchi and the art director for Dior Homme, Kris Van Assche. Kris Van Assche has customized a series of  lamps designed by Noguchi, with  photographs of flower taken from his instagram account. The juxtaposition of the minimal design of the lamp with the modern element of the photograph taken with a smartphone creates a revitalizing and modern feeling. The exhibition represents an urban street collage, with a strong presence of both Asian and Western influences. The minimal design, the display of the pieces and the effect of the dim lightning through the thin paper creates a warm domestic atmosphere that also bears a certain spiritual element that reminds of antique Japanese tea-houses. The renowned photographer and intimate of Kris Van Assche, Patrick Demarchelier captured the exhibition in evocative black and white images. The lamps were unveiled first at the Dior Homme Boutique in Miami’s Design District last December in occasion of Art Basel Miami 2017

  • Isamu Noguchi for Kris Van Assche at Laffanour Galerie Downtown

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Patrick Demarchelier


    Galerie Downtown


    Galerie Laffanour
    22nd of Feb – 3rd of March
    18 rue de seine

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