James Rielly with “Born with a plastic spoon, fork and a knife in my mouth” at Monteveritaart

Monteverita hosts a solo show of the renowned British plastic artist James Rielly with the title “Born with a plastic spoon, fork and knife in my mouth”. The works on show are immediately recognisable for both their subtlety and the inherent darkness of their message, which focus on juvenile clichés, ideologies and metaphors of childhood. Creating subversive and sometimes surreal portraits of bright-eyed youths in school age, Rielly highlights and addresses social tensions, generational clashes and coming of age issues. By portraiting certain features and situations as still images of motions and actions that are usually associated with childhood, Reilly’s work brings out the dysfunctional nature of adults. One can sense a sort of restraint towards adulthood,  a “rite of passage” between the horror of childhood and the horror of adult life that remains incomplete. The portraits are curious, and leave an abstract feeling of recognition and playfulness. The paintings subtly investigates issues on gender and authority with the immediate and ironic approach of an untamed child. The exhibition is refreshing and also revealing, as it makes the viewers glimpse into a silent and yet firm revolt. Against who or what is not evident; maybe parents, society, or perhaps it is merely a wish to extend a chlidren’s game and invite all the kids to the playground. Even the odd ones.

  • James Rielly with “Born with a plastic spoon, fork and a knife in my mouth” at Monteveritaart

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker







    March 15 – April 28
    127 rue de Turenne
    75003, Paris

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