Katharina Grosse – This Drove My Mother Up the Wall at South London Gallery

Liberating herself from traditional boundaries, Katharina Grosse let her art take over both interior and exterior spaces.

For her first institutional solo exhibition, the German artist presents This drove my mother up the wall,  an artistic intervention realized directly in the spaces of South London Gallery. Grosse has sculpted the void, turning the emptiness of the main exhibition room into the dramatic center point of her project. She covered the floor with a big foam stencil, then she painted over it and made the paint rise from the floor onto the walls. Once the stencil was removed, the paint spreading all over but on the floor and on certain parts of the walls creates a strong optical effect. One has the impression that a perfectly organized tornado of colors hit the roomand vanished through the exit door. This filtering technique has been used by the artist also on her recent canvases, where patterns are placed on different areas during different stages of the process, creating an illusion of fumes and chromatic layers that embody her thoughts and feelings in motion throughout the creative process. Katharina‘s practice can be read as a kind of liberation from the boundaries and framework that limit us in our daily life, but also in the act of creating. Following the lines on the walls one can feel the temperature going up and down as the colors spread and melt into each other. A natural flow and rhythm fill up the otherwise naked space and bring in a burst explosive of energy.

  • Katharina Grosse – This Drove My Mother Up the Wall at South London Gallery

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Katharina Grosse, This Drove my Mother up the Wall, acrylic on wall and floor, South London Gallery, 2017
    Photography Andy Keate

    Special Thanks

    South London Gallery