Kounnellis | Bassiri at Biblioteca Angelica

Nature, in its wide variety, shines of all its genuine beauty in the golden light spilling from those blazing sun fibers of life for its own livelihood.

In the oldest public library of Europe, Biblioteca Angelica, sun rays filter through the glasses of high windows, enlightening that precious intellectual heritage of warm and fruitful glow. The halo of majestic decadence that the passage of time has impressed on the covers of the books surrounds the rough crusts of bread loaves coming out of the bare jute sacks, which Jannis Kounellis placed all over the study tables. It feels to be in the middle of a petrified field, where the final product has taken the place of a primary raw material, whilst the intense smell of the grain mixed with the the aged paper fill up our lungs. The bread, ancestral symbol of physical and spiritual food, is warmed by the imaginary beams of an imposingly magmatic red sun made by Bizhan Bassiri, which hangs suspended in the air, breaking as an unexpected epiphanic phenomenon the geometric rhythm of those dark wooden shelves. The nourishment, thus the life in its most essential form, is at the center of the silent, dialectical dialogue between the two artworks, which strongly affects on viewers’ thoughts, pushing them through a dense network of cultural references that leads to a concrete reflection on their own lived experiences.

The naked lunch of a past rational tradition is served with the solid and instantaneous contemporary culture, and devoutly offered to those receptive minds starving for knowledge.

  • Kounnellis | Bassiri at Biblioteca Angelica

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    Cecilia Musmeci


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