LE PARADOX at Art Paris Art Fair 2014

Almost in the beginning, the light broke through the endless night.
The Parisian Gran Palais came into a new existence for the Art Paris Art Fair 2014, enlighted by Miguel Chevalier‘s monumental projection L’origine du monde. Like micro-organisms and bacteria, which represent the very early forms of life, tiny pixels of light grew on the building’s façade, developing into huge hypnotic waves of colors that covered its entire surface. Entering into this sort of living construction, as the digital installation continuously moved and chaged in time, we discoverd the prosperous fauna of international galleries that took part to the Art Paris Art Fair 2014. Nothing but our instict guided us through the labyrinth of hallways and stands, wavering on what intrigued our thirsty eyes. Pleasantly, we immediately experienced the warm feeling of casually meeting an old friend who you don’t see for a while bumping into Piero Pizzi Cannella and Paolo Grassino‘s works at Galerie Vidal-Saint Phalle and Eduardo Secci Contemporary Gallery. Sensing the bare fascination of pure lines we found the Galerie L’Eclaireur which exclusively showcased Progetto Domestico by Vincenzo de Cotiis, recreating a sharp life-space made of preciously raw pieces of furniture. The fading shades of Beijin-based artist Wang Yan Cheng’s convulse yet romantic paintings introduced us to the Chinese Art, which was the Fair’s main focus, opening to the suggestive organic sculptures of Taiwanese artist Yuhsin U.Chang and to the richness of Eastern contemporary photography. Staring at ink drops slowly spilling over white canvas like shy black tears, our journey came to an end.

As the first sun ray penetrated the obscure infinity of emptiness, the world stemmed out from darkness and the life started its hectic dance.

  • LE PARADOX at Art Paris Art Fair 2014

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Art Paris Art Fair 2014
    Galerie Vidal-Saint Phalle
    Eduardo Secci Contemporary Gallery