Is it still possible to have fully original ideas?

With 7 billion of people currently living on Planet Earth and centuries of men’s history the question remains open. Although we are not able to determinate if originality still exists in our era, the forms of artistic expressions are infinite and irreplaceable. FIAC 2014 , the Paris-based international fair for contemporary art, and (OFF)ICIELLEFIAC’s new event, showcased several examples of how creativity can inspire art pieces that convey a unique message. Indeed, artists have a strictly individual way of perceiving the world reflected into their works, which often offer a interesting insight on contemporary times. Their messages can be strong or subtle, screamed or whispered, open or highly conceptual, but all of them are directed to the audience and require a certain level of analysis to fully grasp their meaning. Each artwork embodies the artist’s own « voice » and tries to establish a dialogue with the spectators. The Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira, the Canadian sculptor David Altmejd, represented by Andrea Rosen Gallery, the Italian artists Giuseppe Penone and Mario Airò, represented by Tucci Russo Gallery, the American master Alexander Calder, represented by Pace Gallery, the Belgian Berlinde De Bruyckere represented by Galleria Continua and the French Hervé Bohnert, represented by Ritsch-Fisch among others spoke to us in a privileged way, safely relating to our background while shaking us with new feelings, contradictory thoughts and challenging inquiries. FIAC and (OFF)ICIELLE’s carefully curated exhibition spaces trigged the beauty of these encounters, delightfully  exceeding our expectations towards Art Fairs and their often criticized role in the art world.

Originality happens in between thought and aspiration, embodied by every concrete attempts of self-realization.

  • LE PARADOX at FIAC 2014

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    Cecilia Musmeci




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