LE PARADOX at Paris Photo 2014

Photography takes an instant out of time.

As a powerful medium of expression, images offer an infinite variety of perception and interpretation of our world. By catching a moment that is passing, photography makes it eternal. Far from merely reproducing bites of reality, the images reveal the photographer’s intimate thoughts and his own private view. The impact of pictures is immediate and meaningful, both on a conscious and subconscious level. Like in fine arts, technique and aesthetics are so intrinsically connected that it’s barely impossible to separate them. But photography does not stay safe within the ivory tower of arts. Indeed, in the current Instagram society everything seems to exist just to end in a photograph. This need of visual communication reaches its finest artistic peak at Paris Photo, the first photo fair that gathers together galleries and artbook dealers from all over the world. Wandering around the stands that filled the exhibition venue of Grand Palais during the last 2014 edition, we got in contact with many different cultures, places and feelings portrayed in pictures. As often photographs worth a thousand words, we were particularly intrigued by the stories that some images conveyed us. To report on our experience at Paris Photo 2014, we choose the artists represented by Three Shadows Gallery, Beijing, and the Galerie Polka, Paris, as well the works of the photographers Bill Henson, Helena Almeida, Éric Poitevin, Rinko Kawauchi, Vincent Fillon and Feng Fangyu. Through this careful selection, we hope to give back to you an evidence of their outstanding sensibility that moved us deeply.

Photography alters life but holds its truth still.

  • LE PARADOX at Paris Photo 2014

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    Cecilia Musmeci


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