LIFT étage Presents “Untitled Memory” by Cherevichkiotvichki & HARRY PONTEFRACT

Untitled Memory is a introspective journey into the past.

Harry Pontefract and Victoria Andrejeva of Cherevitchkiotvichki explore together the realm of forgotten memories through an exhibition on stage at LIFT étage, Tokyo. Blank figures sleep under the impact of time into an abandoned room. They sit untouched while their bodies age and decay through years. Casted by the sculpture Dziugas Sukys, they seem to express the pain of remembering the mind’s deep troubling. From the gallery space the exhibition travels through to the main presentation space where Pontefract’s dresses hang solemnly and the Cherevichki shoes are scattered on dusty patches – together creating a fraction of one’s recollection.

Driven by a similar creative spirit, Pontefract and Andrejeva focus on the effects of time on primal materials such as leathers and textiles. For its capsule collection of semi-couture pieces, Harry used old fabrics ranged from old naturally distressed leather doctors bag, hand stitched sailors bags in canvas, antiqued monogrammed French linens, silk slip skirts transformed into a bustle. Hand sculpted and fired porcelaine embroideries with silk organza give to the garments a certain romantic look, recalling lost memories with their hypnotic swing. Under the direction of this season’s surrealist theme, the shoemaker Victoria Andrejeva experimented with new array of materials like dyed cottons, natural Cordovan horsehides treated with contemporary as well as ancient dyeing techniques to be followed by the traditional cordwaining methods.

While evoking different responses towards the work of each designer, Untitled Memory is a time capsules in which contrived dreams stay alive, frozen forever in the grip of nostalgia.


  • LIFT étage Presents “Untitled Memory” by Cherevichkiotvichki & HARRY PONTEFRACT

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Victoria Andrejeva
    LIFT étage


    From Feb 6th, 2015
    LIFT étage
    16-5, 1F DaikanyamaCho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Special Thanks

    LIFT étage
    Victoria Andrejeva
    Harry Pontefract