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To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the art institution Museo della Frutta in Turin, Giorgio Galotti Gallery presents the exhibition Fondante. The showcase celebrates the legacy of the 1800’s artist and artisan Francesco Garnier Valletti renowned for his sublime reproductions  of fruits and other organic elements, and his unique way of capturing their materials and compositions. The works on show are a mix of orginal pieces from Valletti and the museum’s permanent collection and contemporary works realized specifically for the show, all with the aim of engaging a conversation with the surrouding architecture and heritage of the place and therefore connecting the past and the present. Artists from different generations, with diverse backgrounds and styles have been invited to interpret natural themes while relating with the venue’s historical rooms.

The project is structured in eight different chapters, each one dedicated to a single artist and his takes on natural subjects. The idea is to have a series of “solo-shows” within the show, to give to artists enough space to investigate the theme deeply and under different raltions and circumstances, and see his subtle connections with life, human behaviors, sensuality, fiction and reality. Left with complete freedom, the artists can choose to express themselves with mixed medias such as site-specific installations, sculptures, paintings, 3D prints, as log as the artworks have a strong relation to the time and world we live in and with how we relate to nature.

The first chapter of the Fondante narrative features the American artist Adam Cruces, born in Texas and based in Zurich, who focused on the human being and his behaviour towards nature. The show will change, featuring a different artist every two weeks from June to September, in order to establish a dynamic exchange between curators, critics and the audience. The full exhibition including all the works will be visible during Turin Art Week in October till the begining of November.

  • Museo della Frutta & Giorgio Galotti Gallery – Fondante

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    Beata Duvaker



    Courtesy of the artist and Giorgio Galotti Gallery


    Museo della Frutta
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