Operativa Arte Contemporanea – Dove Nessuno Va by Vincenzo Schillaci

Vincenzo Schillaci draws artistic inspiration from a journey through the infinite nothingness.

For his first solo exhibition at Operativa Arte Contemporanea, to be launched today May 20th, the artist meditates upon the role of the man within this world, and his casual wondering without a real beginning nor an end. Throughout this journy, he might discover his very own humanity, and saves himself from the emptiness by filling it with actions, feelings, desires and expectations. Schillaci depicts this existential dichotomy, following the millions of paths taken and dismissed by the post-modern individual, symbolically represented by abstract brusts of color that recall dead ends, broken shadows and fleeting sparks of light. Each work features different layers of paint that evoke the artist’s attempt of reaching a new depth that exceeds the borders of the canvas. Light tones such as dirty white and ivory are placed next to darker ones to chromatically express the contrast between endless horizons and constrict spaces. Dove Nessuno Va by Vincenzo Schillaci presents a series of unique works conceived right for OIP. All the pieces on show come from the last and unrelased production of the Sicilian artist, during his recent staying in Rome.

  • Operativa Arte Contemporanea – Dove Nessuno Va by Vincenzo Schillaci

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Operativa Arte Contemporanea


    May 20th – June 30th 2016
    Operativa Arte Contemporanea
    Via del Consolato 10
    00186, Roma

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