Operativa Arte Contemporanea – Il Giardino Perduto by Matteo Nasini

Operativa Arte Contemporanea hosts a solo show of Italian artist Matteo Nasini.

Titled Il Giardino Perduto, the exhibition is an open reflection on the perception of landscape. Each room is constructed to engage with the public, introducing visitors to immersive installations. The environment is imbued with delicate sensibility with the aim to suggest a personal contemplative path to anyone who enters it. Nasini explores the duality between artificial and natural elements by placing massive column shafts made in iron and wood and tapered in heavy wool throughout the gallery space. The minimal and the abstract are entiwined and create an harmonious tension. Playing on this balance of contrasts, the main room has a strong architectural impact whereas the space downstairs has a more intimate feeling and it embodies a more surreal dimension of landscape in which the subconscious gains fundamental value. The sound integrated in the pieces brings visitors into a world of sounds made by translating electrical activity in a sleeping human brain to spontaneous and accidental musical compositions. The exhibition also features a series of Dream Portraits, which has been included in the latest Axel Vervoordt curated show Intuition at Palazzo Fortuny. The works are porcelain sculptures obtained by transforming brainwaves of someone asleep into tridimensional solids. Operativa Arte Contemporanea opens the door to Nasini‘s very own creative dimension, suspended between dream and reality .

  • Operativa Arte Contemporanea – Il Giardino Perduto by Matteo Nasini

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    December 7th – Februrary 17th

    Via del Consolato 10

    00186 Roma

    Operativa Arte Contemporanea

    Special Thanks

    Carlo Pratis