PAD Paris 2016

Between 31 March and 5 April, for the 20th year in a row, Paris became home for one of the pioneering art and design fairs in the world – PAD. Nested in the Jardin des Tuileries, the visitors could step into a world of amazement where the dialogue between the clean angularity of minimalism and XIX century art could be heard all around – in the delicate whispers of thin metallic statues, and in the bold shouts of a plethora of colours, from luscious golds to blues reminiscent of the harsh seas or warm coastal breezes.

Welcoming more than 70 exhibitors, among which such names as Jean-Jacques Dutko, Francois Laffanour, L’Eclaireur, and FUMI, the fair had an international feel to it, while still keeping true to the French eclecticism optique. The shimmering golden leaves of Stéphane Chapelle‘s black tree welcome the visitor as they step into the exhibition space and one – be they art and design aficionados or avid collectors – can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the symphony of creative visions, each complimenting the other and working harmoniously to create the unity that is PAD.

Combining big names and lesser known artists, PAD amazes. Starting (or finishing, for it is up to the visitor to find their way through the labyrinth of small islands that are the individual stalls) with Laffanour Galerie Downtown‘s breathtaking selection of Pierre Jeanneret Chandigarh pieces, the fair does not lack in standout pieces. Be it Sèvres outstanding ceramics, Galerie Le Beau and Galerie Hervouet’s warm toned retro booths or Galerie Saint Jacques’ French riviera vibes, everyone can find their little bubble to spend as little as a few minutes or making it their own, a lifetime in.

  • PAD Paris 2016

    Article by
    Evelina Dimova



    Cecilia Musmeci


    31 March – 5 April
    Jardin des Tuileries

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