Paloma Wool Pop Up Store by Dello Studio

Over the past four years, the Spanish label Paloma Wool has become a flagship of female collective works made by the creative director and founder Paloma Lanna, together with women that stand close to her in her life. The multidisciplinary brand (or “project” as Lana prefers to describe it) first released a sweatshirt with a photograph of a bush with pink flowers printed that Lana had taken during travels to New Zealand. By only releasing a limited edition numbered by hand, Paloma Wool birthed the concept of having a constant sensible touch to the production of the pieces, being it both clothing and art. The brand has rapidly reached untitled attention on instagram, with the appeal for managing to incorporate a female initiative between creators from different fields. They insinuate sisterhood, the female body designated through their design, photography, and art direction. They also have constant collaboration with artists who do photography, illustration and poetry such as Carlota Guerrero, Tanya Posternak and Alejandra Smits.

In collaboration with Dello Studio, Paloma Wool has opened their first physical store in London at Liberty London Mall. Founders of Dello Studio, the artist Oscar Piccolo and interior designer Charlotte Taylor have made an installation using their own works in coherence with the collection by Paloma Wool – managing to re-create the universe and ambiance that the brand is destined to embrace. In a studio setting, the collection will be showcased during eight weeks, starting with an open casting where girls are welcome to participate in creating visual content. “As long as you want to be a part of this, you are welcome” wishes Lana, wanting to stay true to their true core principal. Accompanied by interior design pieces by Oscar and Charlotta, the both having soft awareness of material, form and colour pallet in their works, brings an installation that is as much a visual experience as an interactive. 

  • Paloma Wool Pop Up Store by Dello Studio

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Courtesy of Paloma Wool

    Dello Studio


    October 29 to December 21

    Regent St, Soho, London