Parts of Four – Anima Sound at Darklands

A galactic vibration echoes in the darkness.

Anima Sound, the interactive installation realized by jewelry brand Parts of Four for the Berlin-based concept store Darklands, owns a cybernetic soul which makes it similar to a sort of real creature. Half way in between a computer and animal, it whispers and swishes according to the viewer’s spatial relationship to it. Through a language of lights and infrasonic drones, it communicates with the spectators and includes them into a surreal atmosphere in which futuristic and primitive blends together like in Parts of Four‘s designs. The living unit responds to movements and converts them in sound through a patchable modular synthesizer. Digital signals are translated into analog voltages and patched into the synth. Acting as the brain of the unit, a microcontroller takes patching decisions by randomly “choosing” from a set of instructions to influence the sound. Complex audio engineering combined with a chaos factor make the soundscape unpredictable and always new. The massive wunderkammer serves also as a display for the latest Parts of Four collection which is in a certain way brought to life by the sound. Indeed, the powerful sub woofers placed inside the case produce a sort of sonic earthquake which makes the pieces vibrates and moves. Suggestive flashes of lights reminiscent of Northen Lights are spred into the room and create spectacular effects. Conceived specifically for Darklands shop and exhibition space, Anima Sound embodies a long term idea which developed over time and required an incredible amount of work. The body of the unit, artisanally made in Bali by using the same special material that Parts of Four uses for its packaging, was brought to Berlin, where the installation was completed with its other digital components. As everything in nature is constantly developing and changing, Anima Sound can be seen as an open project that will not cease to evolve in the future.

Left alone in its own dimension you can almost feel it breathing, deep gasps of synthetic life.

  • Parts of Four – Anima Sound at Darklands

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