Paul Mouginot – Memories / Next level

Pills of graphic happiness.

Paul Mouginot looks at daily life from a different perspective. Common objects, memories and lanscapes take on a magical appearance under the lens of the young French artist. Half poet half plastician, Paul subtly shares with spectators his private experiences, from scenes of his childhood to recent visual suggestions, organized in a six essential chapters told through a minimalist color palette. Each chapter focuses on a subject and its conceptual meaning, subsequently altered in its form, pure appearance or tactile proprieties to embody Paul‘s very own perceptions. Two sculptures, like two mystic totems, are somehow guardians of this intimate universe, and symbolize the overcoming of self, while opening up to new levels of future acknowledgements whitout neglecting what has been achieved in the past.

  • Paul Mouginot – Memories / Next level

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    Paul Mouginot
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    Paul Mouginot


    From Feb 11th
    Outcasts Incorporated
    2 rue de Francs Bourgeois
    75003, Paris


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