Private Choice 2016

Ephemeral things are more precious than others as we only have one chance to grasp their transient beauty, which will stay in our memories for a long time.

Nadia Candet knows it well, considered the success of Private Choice, her temporary exhibition and collection of contemporary art and design that takes place in Paris once a year during the FIAC. as for the previous three editions of Private Choice, Candet took over an historical French apartment where she masterfully displayed an eclectic series of objects ranging from books to paintings, creating a sort of ephemeral museum with the feeling of a cabinet of curiosity. The location is kept secret, to preserve an elitarian vibe and an initimate atmosphere versus the hyper-democratization and  cold commercialization of today’s art world. This year, the showcase features both established and emerging names in the art and design field such as Paul Mouginot, Bless, Sophie Whetnall, Valentin Loellman and Yan Tomaszewski. Our favorite discovery were the works of Quentin Derouet, who uses a special kind of rose he developed and growth with the help of experts as the stroke to paint his canvases and the pigments of the rose as color palette. Encouraging new forms of art exploration, Private Choice opened on Saturday, October 15th from noon until 8pm through Sunday, October 23rd.

  • Private Choice 2016

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