Quentin Derouet “Rose, renounce your name” at Galerie Pauline Pavec

Newly opened Galerie Pauline Pavec is currently exhibiting a collection of works by French artist Quentin Deroue. With “Rose, renounce your name” the artist shows once again his ability to express feelings from a different era and leave a unique trace of romance that is almost lyrical. Each delicate stroke of pigment, obteined from the finest roses, leaves nothing but its most distinguished natural humbleness, mesmerizing the viewer with  its naked transparency. Quentin aimed to showcase the encounter and the destruction, which eventually leads to creation, of fresh rosebuds and the canvas, also incorporating wood and cotton fibers. Derouet embraces the world with the bias of a pure and minimal action. A mark that strains and extends outward, the painting reveals the fragment of color where its natural state has not been compromised. Now deep red, violet, and pink, these traces of paint will oxidize until they become black, in about a century. The time will eventually crystallize itself into the canvas and bring new life to the subject and tools of Quentin Derouet‘s paintings: the rose and its destiny.

  • Quentin Derouet “Rose, renounce your name” at Galerie Pauline Pavec

    Article by
    Beata Duvaker



    Paul Mouginot


    March 23 – April 28
    39, rue de Grenelle
    75007 Paris, France

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    Pauline Pavec