rAndom international | Before The Rain at Carpenters Worshop Gallery

Our actions are organized according to a succession of moments. We project time in space, we measure it, we trap it in the order of the numbers. The stream of our consciousness flows within these lines, even though we often forget it. Things happen in our lives, without ever really considering why.

London based studio rAndom international, founded by Stuart Wood, Florian Ortkrass and Hannes Koch, has been creating interactive installations that explore the perception of time through light and movements, since 2005. This research invites men to reflect, creating a contact with some hidden aspects of themselves that otherwise would not be discovered. Through a dense visual synthesis, Before the Rain simultaneously exhibits the studio’s oeuvre, tracing their whole creative development in occasion of the opening of Rain Room, their latest experimental artwork that will be presented October 4, 2012 at the Barbican Centre, London. Raw frangements of artificial intelligence are used to explore the complex relationship between the subject and the object, creating a short circuit between the animate and unanimate. Machines and technology redefine key elements of the human experience such as the memory or perception, in order to reduce the eternal distance between mankind and world. The viewer and the viewed continuously exchange their roles, while a game of lights and shadows changes according to kinetic forces and the propagation of sounds, to represent the impermanence of everything that exist.

Only in its inexorable passage, we see the true nature of time, gaining a new inner awareness of our own actions.


  • rAndom international | Before The Rain at Carpenters Worshop Gallery

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Carpenters Workshop Gallery
    rAndom international


    8 September – 21 December 2012
    Carpenters Workshop Gallery, 54 Rue de la Verrerie, Paris