Sarah Moon – Alchimies

In the time span in which a photograph is taken, the actual subject of the image already belongs to the past, which the picture makes eternal.

Sarah Moon captures still-life raising it to the state of immortality with a delicate and melancholic visual poetry. The photographer has exhibited at the Muséum National d’ Histoire Naturelle a series of perturbing shots portraying ephemeral stories halfway between dream and reality. What began as a series of exclusive polaroids taken at the Jardin de Plantes turned into a sort of puzzle-like memorial, made ​​of many small frangments of memories that offer an intimate insight on the artist’s relationship with the living and non-living matter. Cut leaves and shrubs, embalmed animals, scenes from Moon‘s trips around the world are epitome of what has been and is no longer reachable, paradoxically adfirming this lack of existence through their presence into today’s reality. The artist’s instinctive approach leaves untouched the decadent and somewhat hallucinatory beauty of her subjects, which stimulate the imagination of the spectators pushing them entering into their uncanny universe of shadows. The pictures drive the eye through a journey among the botanical wonders of the Jardin, endless wind swept fields, sublime rough landscapes sketched in colors and black & white. The emotional involvement has such intensity that the taxidermied animals threaten us as if we were inside the depicted museum’s rooms at night, under blank stares and surrounded by motionless bodies. A sense of nostalgic harmony spreads from the frantic pace of the undergrowth, fadings flowers, the harsh rigidity of winter; denying any immediate ideas of a peaceful nature.

  • Sarah Moon – Alchimies

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    Cecilia Musmeci


    Sarah Moon