Sculptureless Sculpture at Villa Lontana, Rome

Villa Lontana in collaboration withFondazione Dino ed Ernesta Santarelli hosted Sculptureless Sculpture, an ambitious exhibition that investigated artistic practices from the Ptolemaic period through the 19th century.

Curators Dr. Jo Melvin and Vittoria Bonifati created a dialogue between contemporary video art and precious historical relics and archeological finds. In a series of intimate juxtapositions, the showase drawn attention to the performed and sculptural elements present in classical statuary and architectural fragments and explored their potential of being experienced within a modern cinematic context. Revolutionary works such as I am making art by John Baldessari, Appendice Per una Supplica by Ketty la Rocca, Travel slides by Ad Reinhardt, were exhibited alongside a selection of Ancient Roman statues and colored marbles from the early Roman Empire, architectural pieces and paintings on stone. Sculptureless Sculpture invited vistors to reconsider their approach towards classics under the haunting influence of powerful cinematic artworks. The silent dialogue projected light onto new aspects of understanding our conteporary times through the greatness of the past, which is embedded and everpresent in the city of Rome. 

  • Sculptureless Sculpture at Villa Lontana, Rome

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    Dr. Jo Melvin
    Vittoria Bonifati