Slater B. Bradley – Sundoor at World’s End at La Maddalena

Mayan Cosmology expert John Major Jenkins ’s introduction to Slater B. Bradley work inside La Maddalena church, Venice, unveils the cultural myths and spiritual forces that revolve around the transformation of consciousness greatly explored by the American Artist in his latest installation titled Sundoor at World’s End.  

The site-specific installation was presented by Zuecca Project Space in occasion of the 57th edition of La Biennale di Venezia, and it has been curated by Alessandro Possati and Don Gianmatteo Caputo. The piece consists of 7 abstract paintings, the Solar Shields, that Bradely created over the past two years, displayed in the south altar upon custom-made easels. In line with Slater Bradley’s artistic approach, this project deals with cultural icons, transcendence and the de/reconstruction of symbols; all themes that have always been present in Slater’s production. The installation focuses on the figure of Mary Magdalene, known as the Apostle to the Apostles, and it blurs the boundaries between the iconography of the Saint, the symbolism related to women, the divine feminine energy and the Moon. Recurring element is the rose, a symbol of new dawn, resurrection of light and renewal of life and also the color of the 888 quartz stones that compose the Crystal Labyrinth, a new sculptural work placed in the middle of the church, within the schields’ magic circle. Each shield has been covered with a thousand golden marks that capture and reflect the energy absorbed by the crystals when the sun’s path crosses the labyrinth. The installation deeply relate to planetary movements and alignments within the Zodiac. “The Shields are in harmony with the frequency of Natural Law and Source, and they become a conduit for dimensional energy exchange” says Bradley.

The gold marks also work as visual memories of the artist’s metaphysic journey towards spiritual ascension, while revealing fragments of different places and compositional details. Acting like a magnetic field, the shields create an ethereal golden circle, evoking electromagnetic waves, spiritual waters and inner auric light. Visitors are invited to take a spiritual walk – circling to the center – illuminating their inner path and heart-based consciousness.

Bradley has collaborated with the Academy Award winner composer Dustin O’Halloran to create an immersive sound installation that complements the piece’s magical atmosphere.

  • Slater B. Bradley – Sundoor at World’s End at La Maddalena

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    Beata Duvaker



    Courtesy of the artist and Zuecca Project Space

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