Thomas Kratz “Salve” at Giorgio Galotti, Turin

Daily objects and ordinary situations have an enigmatic meaning in Thomas Kratz‘s works.

The German artist focuses on fundamental themes from the history of art and of contemporary life, and shapes his impressions in minimalist arrangements of color, form and material. Kratz emphasizes the physical gesture of his artworks, challenging the environment and the architecture of the place where his work is shown. He creates surreal games in space, aimed to surprise and upset the general perceptions of the viewers, which eventually become actors in his ritualistic settings. Both representational and purely abstract, Kratz‘s exhibition at Giorgio Galotti Gallery in Turin offers a great insight in the artist’s latest production. On display two large paintings titled Salve, and other two smaller ones titled Art Rest 1 and Art Rest 2, which showcase a more reductive approach. The pictorical message suggested by the paintings seems to deal with the boundaries between inside and outside, expressing the visual poetry of  uncertain and suspended moments. A magenta column and a light pink wall add a choreographic element to the showcase, turning the gallery space into an artwork itself.

  • Thomas Kratz “Salve” at Giorgio Galotti, Turin

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cristina Gavello


    April 18th – May 31, 2016 at
    Via Arnaldo da Brescia, 39, 10134 Torino

    Special Thanks

    Giorgio Galotti