Walter & Zoniel – “Anon” at Gazzelli Art House

In today’s digital Panopticon, we are constantly seen, but we do not really see; we are object of information for a third part that never takes us as subjects in communication.

In collaboration with Lumiere London Festival, artistic duo Walter & Zoniel reflects upon the human condition and our relationship to the modern world with a surrealist site-specific installation, currently on display at Gazzelli Art House in London. Titled Anon, the work features luminous old age pensioners projected as living sculptures on to the front of the gallery’s exterior. The subjects, coated with Albedo100 Reflective Spray, are installed in solitary existence, glowing under the continuous flashing lights of the artist’s camera, which somehow spies them from a separate dimension. The stream of abstract images taken are then projected onto the windows above the installation forming a live stream of rolling pictures. Viewed from the street the installation takes over the whole building at night, illuminating the whole Dover Street. The piece evokes the Jellyfish project that Walter & Zoniel presented at the Liverpool Biennale, which consisted in photographs of tanks of jellyfish mysteriously appearing in a derelict building in Liverpool’s Toxteth that the artists photographed at night.

The playful and fantastical spirit of Anon provides a basis to pose much deeper questions around isolation within our society, our relationships to digital media, obsessions with photography and our cultural relationships towards ageing.

  • Walter & Zoniel – “Anon” at Gazzelli Art House

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Walter & Zoniel – Courtesy of Gazelli Art House


    14 Jan – 17 Jan 2016
    Live Performance every evening 6 – 9pm

    Gazzelli Art House
    39 Dover St
    London W1S 4NN

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