A visit to Arne Jacobsen’s Summer House in Kolding, Denmark

When it comes to Danish design sophisticated structuralism meets creative experimentation, often inspired by nature .

Certainly legendary Danish architect Arne Jacobsen was struck by the rough charm of Jutland, when he designed the prototye of his summer house Kubeflex, overlooking the water of Limfjord. Surrounded by apple trees and historical rustic houses, Kubeflex is a one of a kind construction and represents a pioneering example of modular architecture. Built between 1969 and 1970, it combines 10sq prefabricated cubes made to fit the needs of every family, no matter its size as more units can be easily added if needed. Basically the house can be changed according to the owner’s desires, but such a radical concept was too innovative for the market, so Kubeflex was never put into production and became the Jacobsnen’s private summer residence. Nowadays the house is located at Trapholt design and art museum, near the city of Kolding, and entirely furnished with Arne Jacobsen’s most iconic designs such as the Swan and Ant chairs, the fitting series Vola, the coffee set Cykinda Line and the glasses and flatwear he originally developed for the Radisson Sas Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, including the famous spoons that featured in Stanely Kubrik’s masterpiece 2001: Space Odissey for their futuristic design, yet immediately discarded by the Royal because they were extremely hard to use. A meticulous perfectionist, Arne Jacobsen took care of every single detail in Kubeflex, from the sinks to the lights and door handles. The house perfectly embodies Jacobsen’s daring approach and modern aesthetic, which made him one of the most famous Danish designers worldwide together with other great personalities such as Finn JuhlPoul KjaerholmHans Wegner, Verner Panton among others also greatly represented at the Trapholt museum.

  • A visit to Arne Jacobsen’s Summer House in Kolding, Denmark

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