Alexandre Biaggi – Tribal Echo

A whimsical atmosphere fills up the Fall exhibition of Alexandre Biaggi. The irresistible charm of the great wilderness inspires elegant designs that unite flowing, natural forms with more angular contours, giving a new interpretation to the classic “tribal style”. Each room features subtle details that relate to the so-called primitive arts, without being heavy or redundant. With exquisite taste, Biaggi creates a dynamic dialogue between different objects such as Patrice Dangel’s Naus console with its paddle-shaped feet and Mario Scheichenbauer’s irresistible Yeti chair made of Tibetan goat, Mauro Fabbro’s Scramble floor-lamp and the Kid drawn by Eduardo Arroyo. The natural rythms of the rattan and rosewood of Tito Agnoli’s Italian dresser perfectly matches the muninga and ebony woods of the Diqlodocus bench sculpted by Babacar Niang, in harmonious contrast with the minimalist shape of Paul T. Frankl’s varnished-cork coffee table, while Matthieu Dagorn’s masks add a surrealist ethnical touch to the space’s eclectic aesthetics. Style suggestions are softly evoked and never fully unveiled, like the notes of a fragrance spread in the air slowly through time. Gathering and highlighting art objects and furniture from the 20th century and contemporary times Aleandre Biaggi showcases a masterful expression of the sauvage with a quintessentially Parisian twist.



  • Alexandre Biaggi – Tribal Echo

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Magdalena Klepacz / Alexandre Biaggi


    Alexandre Biaggi
    September 6th – 24th
    14, rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

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