Atelier Henge at Salone del Mobile 2016

Design as a pure concept is something in between objects and abstractions. It is usually connected with furniture and architecture, “real“ things, but design also involves the ephemeral realm of atmospheres and experiences, which eventually define the way we decide to design our lives.

Atelier Henge knows how to deal with both aspects of design. Its approach to the field goes deeper than simply assembling together beautiful items to create a sleek environment. With a remarkable curatorial know-how, Henge merges aesthetic values and habitat in a unique way that is not just about decoration or surface treatment. For the latest edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan, the design firm combined its in-house pieces with a fine selection of objects made by different creators that share Henge’s passion for rare and original materials. In this context, the brand introduced two special kind of fossil woods that have remained buried for centuries used to create exclusive custom-made surfaces. Under the artistic direction of Massimo Castagna, Henge focused on the artisanal glass production of Murano island, Venice, featuring lamps and interior elements by Giberto Venezia. Celebrating craftsmanship and research, French interior architect and maker Sophie Dries was invited to present a series of hand-crafted ceramics that blended burnished brass and metallic supports with textured black and white clays, and minimalist book-holders embelisshed with semi-precious stones such as yellow quarts and pyrites. The rough yet sophisticated appeal of the pieces perfectly complemented Henge’s timeless ideal of understated elegance.

Balancing content, material, technology and form, Henge masters the concept of design fully, from the literal to the poetic, and creates evocative interiors that express a real lifestyle.

  • Atelier Henge at Salone del Mobile 2016

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