Canoa Lab by Alice Jacquemin

The artistic experimentation of Canoa.Lab with ceramics inspires the last still life series by French photographer Alice Jacquemin.

By playing with unexpected materials, shapes and colors, the Spanish brand brings its artisanal know-how into a surrealist realm where dreams and visual suggestions become physical objects. With the same spirit, Jacquemin captures Canoa.Lab jewelry and vessels inside the atelier of an artist, eclectically combined with books, antique cutlery and other objects one could possibly imagine to find inside the studio of a visionary who’s still attached to the past. Traditions are, indeed, highly important to Canoa.Lab as the brand cherishes the heritage of old-school pottery, the basics of history of art and classic aesthetics, yet it infuses it with some creative extravaganza and modern minimalism. Jacquemin brilliantly celebrates this ecnounter of old and new through pictorical images that subtly evoke the still life paintings of old masters, while being exquisitely contemporary. 

  • Canoa Lab by Alice Jacquemin

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Alice Jacquemin


    Creative Direction & Concept
    Cecilia Musmeci

    Assistant to Creative Director
    Federica Zizzari

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